Can't forget a date of one week, that happened a year ago. Why is that? Am I insane?

dated a guy almost a year ago, and we dated only a week because he had drug issues and I didn't accept that, plus I didn't went to his house, to live with him as soon as he wanted... The thing is, it happened a year ago and I just can't forget it, I still think about him and I still feel bad, for things didn't worked with us even despite the fact that I know how hard it'll be, to be with him.. He was very aggressive when he broke up with me and I blocked him. A month after that, he sent me a very angry message I still don't know why, once I had blocked him and we didn't talked anymore.. I know it sounds stupid but once he's into drugs is there any chance that he could have drugged me in some way that all I felt was maximized and exaggerated? I just can't understand why I still like him, I can see any guy even more interesting and I 'my just stuck on him.. Help me


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  • Focus on your self and make your self happy first. Also don't give up on dating other guys. I think with time you can get over your ex.


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  • I think it's your good heart that's not being able to forget him, because you felt like you should be the one to help him and "fix" him of his drug usage.

    You may be stuck on him for that reason, as you cared for him enough to date him and you saw what his problems were, you knew you could help, but also chose what is best for yourself. I think you did the right thing.

    Perhaps you have to forgive yourself, and let him exit your heart. You have to understand that just because you dated for a week, he wasn't your responsibility, nor was it your fault for any of it. He is the one who needs to work on his drug issues, and he needed to help himself if things were that bad. Maybe you saw him and the things about him in the light you wanted to see, but everything else about him made you turn down continuing the relationship.

    He surely could have drugged you, or pressured you into using drugs, him being aggressive is by no way okay.

    Acceptance is hard, but you have to know you did the right thing. He is out of your life, and you should not feel bad, guilty, upset, wrong, or any of that for leaving him and ending things when you did. You did what you felt was right.
    Even though you cared for him, it is not okay to let yourself be in that kind of relationship, not ever.
    It takes time, to mend, but try to work on keeping your mind busy on other things.
    Hopefully things will mend, and you will no longer have these thoughts.


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