Unbelievable situation- stay or go?

been dating this girl for a month now. 3rd date i found out that she had a 2yr long relationship and was cheating on the guy with me, says she didn't have feelings for him for a while, is now only into me, and the only reason why she cannot dump him is because she can't bear to hurt him.

i decide to believe her and also to see where the chips fall, continue the relationship.

she considers what we have between us serious, but i can't take the same stance, and am fitting myself ready to back out anytime.

here's where things get unbelievable, and she warned me of this initially when i found out about the cheating- the boyfriend is coming to visit her, after being apart 6 months in a different country. she feels bad for him, will sleep with him one more time before dumping him, and i'm to know this, and wait for it.


oh, she says it would only be fair if i slept with someone else too meanwhile.

i said i'm not gonna return the pain on her and also use another girl on my end who would turn into a victim so instead, i said i would wait for her.

is this the most unbelievable thing you've ever heard?
Unbelievable situation- stay or go?
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