Exes girlfriend friend requested me on Facebook?

Ok so let me try to make this short. I was friends with this guy who knew I liked him but didn't like me in that way except to have a friends with benefits scenario. I accepted even though I got hurt in the end by his behavior and he destroyed our friendship. I kept hearing from people I knew including my own brother that he was talking badly about me behind my back, like my physical appearance and how I was unattractive and hurtful stuff while we were friends with benefits. And so I called him out on it And he denied it which caused us to fight. I also was upset with him for lying to other women on some dating profile about how he stated he wasn't the type to hook up and didn't believe in nor like this hookup society and wanted to settle down with a "nice girl". I fought with him over it not because of jealousy but because he was involving me in this lying to other women, and I explained that once they found out the truth they would question what else he was lying about. So he removed it but it ended our friendship when I told him off for it and told him to block me on Facebook even though he didn't want to. Fast forward to a few months later now and he just started dating some nice girl for 2 months and she friend requests me. I have never met her or spoken to her at all and thought it was weird, but I accepted it and she likes all my photos and posts. Its so weird, especially when her boyfriend still has me blocked to his fb. I'm not sure if this is a trap or not but all my friends are saying it is and to be careful. What do you think? I don't want anymore drama.
I would like to add that everyone who had told me that he was talking badly about me behind my back later denied it which has left me extremely confused and upset. For example my brother stated Nathan had talked about me one night while we were playing cards with my sister and her boyfriend so they we're witnesses to his statement. A few hour's later he tells me that Nathan didn't say anything. See what I mean? All I know is that Nathan is the common denominator in all this.


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  • Dont

    • If you can't trust your own brother? Come on. He should be able to tell you the truth even if it would hurt. He's not protecting you by lying if that's his motive.
      I would simply not add that girl back. Think about it. Why would she want to add you? If you ask me, she's doing it for Nathan so he can know what you're up to wothout unblocking you.

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    • But what I don't understand is why would his girlfriend be ok with doing that for him? Spying on me that is. That doesn't make sense to me because I would think that would make her want to break up with him because I'd like to think that most women wouldn't spy for their boyfriends on a girl he was intimate with. But that's just me. But I'm appreciating your input.

    • Yeah I agree. She's probably doing it on her own volition then. She may just be curious about you

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