Girls, Bad boy / casual boy, what happened to her after my change?

I had a good friendship with a girl that was so quiet and she never had a boyfriend before , but i was a rebel , I had 3 girls at a time and i was drinking and doing all the "cool" stuff bad boys do. We were texting and she wasn't able to change my feelings and to decide to get her. When i was drunk i asked her out and we ended up cuddling. That was the first time we got out alone. Aftee realising I dumped a dream girl after 6months I texted her and asked if she wants t go out , I was kind and smooth and I cared about her and her feelings now , but after a few month she lost her interest in me and told me that she doesn't know why but I am 100% sure that the bad boy /nice boy makeover is a problem. Can I get her back if I convince her that i can change and be like a bad boy again (but not dating other girls)?


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