Would take a ex girlfriend back if she admits she was wrong for breaking up with you and ask for you to take her back?

We where going out for a little over a month. She lost her job and apartment and got depressed. Then broke up with me. Started to date another guy and I confronted her about it. A while passes she text me asking for forgiveness and admits she screwed up and ask to see me again.


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  • You should consider it and maybe go even slower this time around.

    • Good advice. Could she be playing me?

    • She might be but that's why taking it slow will certainly help. You'll probably be more critical of her actions for a while but I'm happy that she apologized to you.

    • That's exactly correct I am critical of her and yeah the apology did help. Thanks

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  • I don't know. Depends on the situation

  • yes maybe

    • I agree depending.. wowwww

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