How to get over a long term boyfriend who left you for someone else when you still love him?

I'm 20 he was 24 and we were together over a year. We broke up 4 months ago due to super unclear reasons but I think it was that he wanted someone else. Prior ro that he really treated me horribly and I let him get away with it because I didn't want to lose him. This is probably for the best because he's not getting anywhere. He just got fired, has a deadend major, and still lives with his parents. We also just had different future plans. I'm a realist and he is just too much of a dreamer. Anyways he was a horrible person to me and I still can't seem to let him go. How do I let him go?


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  • He sounds similar to my ex. Except when we broke up i easily let him go because i knew how horrible he was and i was finally free of him. You shouldn't be with someone who treats you like that. you'll find someone who treats you like a princess and you'll wonder why you were hooked on the ex

  • Get busy. Look into therapy. Keep moving forward.


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