For survivors of narcissistic relationship: How do you get past it?

I just recently got up the courage to end an 11 year relationship with a narcissist. Is there anybody out there who has been through the same. Logically it should be easy to walk away from a man like that but I feel so sad. Tell me how to not feel the way I do.


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  • focus on yourself
    build yourself
    noone gives a shit about you but you
    so build yourself up
    there is no sweet way around this, its just shit
    you have to be through it , and by yourself
    you may need a shrink
    its serious

    • I believe every word you said. And I'mnot being sarcastic either. I know no one gives a shit. There's nothing like a breakup to find out who your real friends are. The problem with breaking up with a narcissist Is that no one seems to believe how he treated me.

    • You won't believe yourself how you were been treated

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  • Time honestly. I just broke up from a 8 year friendship with a narcissist. I feel like I miss him and guilty for cutting him off, but I remember how cruel he was and used me as an object to elevate his ego. You made the right choice cutting him off and you need to be strong/secure with your decision. It will get better as time passes getting out of a toxic relationship. Good luck!

  • It's hard, because they can be very cruel and cutting when they turn on you. You'll get over it, and hopefully you've learned both to recognize them and to avoid them.

  • For survivors of narcissistic relationship: How do you get past it?

    I can spot narcissistic behavior a mile away and would NEVER knowingly involve myself with a person who demonstrates that kind of behavior.
    That being said, you are the better person. The best you can be is kind, and it is not wrong to still hold some love for the person, but it is very wrong of you to perpetuate that person by giving them reason or ammunition for narcissistic behavior.

    Ending and starting over is very difficult if you have no experience, but it is not impossible. You did the right thing not only for yourself but for him too. He may wake up some day, but that is not your concern. He had plenty of opportunity to change himself if he felt a change was necessary.

    Just my opinion


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