Facebook stalking?

I'm curious as to see as many opinions on this as I can. My ex friends with benefits and I ended badly and I told him to block me on fb. It was a little weird to me that he only blocked me when I requested it but didn't think to do it when we got into mean arguments because most people do that when their mad and done with someone but that is just my way of thinking I guess. Well he has been dating a girl for a little over two months. The reason I know all this is because even though I am blocked from his fb and you'd think he wouldn't want her to friend me, she did. I have never even met this girl, we've never met nor ever said a word. So I thought that was weird since him and I are not getting along. Well she likes all my photos and posts right off the bat. I just think it's really strange. Why would she friend request me and like all my stuff when we've never even met, and her boyfriend and I aren't on speaking terms?
Facebook stalking?
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