Wrote a pros and cons list. Easy question. Should I break up with him?

We've been together 1 year and 10 months. When I brought up leaving him he said he wouldn't know what he'd do without me and that he needed me. I told him he needed to change a lot of things. He isn't changing a thing

He listens to me when I have a problem, comforts me and gives me advise
I know his personality and his likes/ dislikes
He knows mine
We've been through similar situations in our pasts
We both have kids
His family likes me
The s e x is always amazing
We love each other

He goes out without telling me at least once a week
He doesn't invite me
He has friends that I've never met bc I'm not invited out when he goes out with those friends
He doesn't come out with me when I go out with my coupled friends and I invite him anywhere I go
My friends think he's shady bc we're never out together
I usually text him first and he could go all day without contacting me
He doesn't ask how my day is, when I went on vacations he never wanted to know how they were. He doesn't care
I've planned vacations for us to go on with the kids so all of us could be together and he turned down going
When I came home from vacation with friends or family instead of seeing me he'd rather go out with friends
We see each other once a week, if that
He's made plans with me then 'forgot' and blew me off to go out with friends instead
I don't think he's over his ex
He talks about hurting his ex's new boyfriend I front of me all the time
He talks about his life with his ex all the time
His ex doesn't know about me unless the kids brought up my name but even then I doubt she'd know I'm serious with him
My mom doesn't thinks he's right for me
Some of my friends never met him. He's ok with that
I feel like I'm contributing more then he is
When I bring up these issues he constantly has extremely stupid excuses for his behavior which indicates that he doesn't want to change, he wants to justify, and he wants me to be ok with it.

I need advice please
Wrote a pros and cons list. Easy question. Should I break up with him?
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