How to deal with a break up, first boyfriend?

So last night my boyfriend of 4 months told me that he wanted to leave our relationship open as I'm moving away for university! He basically just told me to go and enjoy university life and that we can try again when I get home at Christmas.
I cried for a while last night because I was really into him. I didn't feel love for him but I thought we were really good together.
Seeing as he's my first boyfriend I feel like ill find it hard to meet another guy who compares to him and his personality and his gentleman ways.

Any advice?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Either move away or don't. Your action speak louder than any words ever could. I don't care if a woman I'm with wants to see me every day, sleep with me every night, tells me she loves me nonstop, if she told me she was moving away I can only take that to mean she doesn't really like me all that much. Sure, I'd miss her, but its her choice, and I'd respect it, and I'd be out with another woman they very next night.

    Bottom line, if you love someone you dont move away. If you move, you move together. And if you don't love him, thats okay too, but its wrong to expect him to wait for you when you're the pne moving away.


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  • Go have fun in uni... you'll be fine!


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  • when my crush rejected me eventually, i also thought who the f will ever be as good as her... but you will find new people ^^ i know (:


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  • Just dump him for good


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