We are not right for each other but I can't let her go what do I do?

I have been on and off with a woman for 4 years and she has just broke up with me again for the 4th time, every time she leaves I know it for the best but then I can't stop thinking about her. She is my only friend I've had since high school I'm nearly 30 and have no social life what so ever without her. She also has children from before me which make things difficult because i am not stepping up to fatherhood as fast as she wants I get along with them but not as well as she wants I love her and I like them and that is not good enough for her. She is my best friend and I have always been there for her. we broke up a week ago and she is already spending her time with someone else and won't even give me a phone call, she's done this before and I know the routine as soon as this guy lets her down or she realizes he's no good she will come crawling back she always does so I'm not worried about getting her back I know all I have to do is wait I'm the best guy she's ever had and I know She knows that too I have never let her down when she needed someone and no one else was there and I know she takes me for granted and I know I'm her safety net. We have nothing in common and it is a pretty dysfunctional relationship when we're together mainly because the strain her kids put us and I know I should move on from her but I have never been able to date anyone else she is the only girl that has ever shown interest in me and like I said before my only friend, my best friend I don't know anyone else. She tells me she wants to explore her options and that I should date other people too but I know she only says that cause she knows she's all I have and can't date anyone else. My question is how do I let her go cause I have wasted 4 years of my life chasing her, catching her and then having to chase her again I'm tired of the game and I know it's Best for me if let her go but I don't have anyone else in my life to talk to or spend time with, without her im alone.
We are not right for each other but I can't let her go what do I do?
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