I am really heartbroken. Please help! Depressed?

Met a guy in May, we instantly hit. He asked me out within 3 days. Things were going great.
The guy seemed head over heels for me, he was always the first one to text me, to initiate conversation, to say sweet things. However, within a month, we started to have fights, cos he was busy.

After contact of one month, i decided to break up with him, in June. I blocked him from every platform. But I couldn't stop thinking about him. There was a sense of regret.
I finally recontacted him in July, asking him if he would like to continue the relationship. To my shock, the guy didn't respond. I sent him many messages and called him but no response.
Within a week, he contacted me and asked for a date.

We met each other and he seemed completely involved once again. I checked (investigated) his phone, and found some messages from a girl on his whatsapp
As per the conversation, the girl seemed crazy for his guy, by constantly sending messages such as " i love u ", " i miss u" etc. He had replied to a few messages, no "love u or miss u" but little bit of flirting. He had said things to her like, "i need ur companionship." when she asked him what do u need as a gift, he said "you." I found a few of his messages, that were flirtatious and most of them were business related.

He said that all this is true, and this girl showed interest in him, he also began to get attached to her, only to realize that these feelings were not intense and so he stopped responding to her.

I told him that i cannot tolerate this and i want to leave him. I feel like he cheated on me. Even when I was not in contact, if he really loved me or anything he said to me was true, how can someone move on so quickly with someone else? I m hurt now. I had faith that he won't ever cheat on me. He agreed that he was developing feelings of liking for that girl, but it was in no way love.
I am really hurt and even thinking about him is painful for me. Please help me, what should I do?


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  • You broke up with him for no justifiable reason at all, because he was your oh-so-smitten doormat and you were an attention queen. He had to get over you and move on, so he did. And now you're crying and wailing, going on about how much you're hurt that he found someone else? Even though you ordered him to do so, and did exactly the same yourself? Get over it, do the guy a favor and leave him to have a real relationship with the other girl. You're a parasite, and he's better off without you.

    • But he still claims that he wants to be with me, and he doesn't feel love for that girl like he did for me.

      I cannot forget the messages he sent to her, how can someone move on and forget if he really loved me as much as he CLAIMED?

    • Who cares? You don't love him, and you never loved him in the first place. So why does it matter so much that he doesn't love you as much any more, after you spurned him and turned your nose up at all of the love he initially had to give? You want him to be miserable, to be hung up on you and to kill himself over not having you, even though you yourself have to feelings for him, say you can't tolerate him and can't wait to dump the guy? What kind of cruel, vicious, sadistic foul beast are you? You're not hurt, and you're not in the slightest bit of pain. You're just upset that you didn't manage to inflict enough much hurt and pain on him to satisfy your thirst to derive sadistic pleasure from his suffering. DEAL WITH IT. Or better yet, self-harm yourself to satisfy your cravings, instead of wrecking his life to do it.

    • wrong. i just wanted as much commitment from him as i gave.

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  • You blocked him, he probably thought he'd never see you again. You can't expect him to stop living his life when you're the one that left. I understand that it hurts, but if you hadn't blocked him, he wouldn't have been trying to find companionship somewhere else


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  • U have no reason to feel hurt that's arrogant. U blocked him and u were the one who probably hurt him.
    "To my shock, the guy didn't respond." what did u expect? That he was willing to give u a second chance kinda proves that he loved you (unless he just did it because he wanted to sleep with u)

    When u get blocked by someone then it often seems hopeless to get back together again and he had two options
    1. Get forever depressed
    2. Move on
    He did the better thing and distracted himself with the companionship of another girl. "i need ur companionship."
    But he didn't love her in my opinion. So what's the problem? I guess it's only your pride which got hurt because he tried to get over u

  • "After contact of one month, I decided to break up with him"

    You just answered your own question


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