No idea what to do, can someone help me?

So a bit of background first, so I broke up with my ex about a year ago, she was abusive and a cheater and around bad person so I left her, then around the 4th July she texted me after about 8 months of no communications saying she changed and stuff and she wanted to be friends and make up all the bad stuff she did to me. I went along with that for a month before I realized she was the same messed up person who hurt me before and told her goodbye again. She called me back today, (she got a new number so I answered not knowing it was her) and she was crying and trying to tell me something. It sounded like her uncle was either hurting or molesting her sister or was going to or something, I'm not sure she was crying too much to understand, but then she just said she had to go and hung up. No idea what's going on with her and not sure if I should just block her number or call her back or what... Any help or advice would be great...


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  • I think the field of romance is one of the best teachers of personal growth and development. Situations such as this, where another person is catching your attention and where a lot of ambiguity is involved, really tests whether you're centered, whether you're your own man.

    I'd invite you to consider that when your inner voice is wanting to know what's going on. Is she going to be okay? Will she ever change? Should I trust her etc. All those questions are asked by your ego and they are not designed to make you happy. They have no answer.

    When we find ourselves asking these questions, it's never useful to try and get them answered because there will just be more questions and more and more.

    It might be useful to think of your own center, your own spirit and your own life. What do you really want in a partner? What does your ideal girlfriend look like? We are brought up to think that we can't have everything but I have met a couple of women in my life who at the time and for years, were absolutely perfect.

    Also, realize that she has going on whatever she has going on and it's not really got anything to do with you. She's dealing with things in her life and she sounds like she's not really too happy right now. Again, we are brought up to think that we can make each other happy if we help address each other's problems but in reality we have a much better impact when we get happy in our own skin.

    So I'd invite you to take a deep breath and focus on yourself. She will really be fine. Focus on the future and what you want from it.

    Does this make sense or do I sound crazy :-)


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  • Had the same problem. Be friends and let her know that. That's it. You have good heart to not put head through a dry wall right now. If I were you I'd help her out cause it someone else involved. Never get into family business but be there for her emotionally. That's it. Don't go to her house, don't talk to her uncle physically, nor play hero. You do t know them well enough to do that. So if something bad happen, call the police, if she needs for someone to listen then that's ok. But anything after that your freaking hurting yourself.


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