How long will it be until my ex misses me? (If ever...) Any tips?

My boyfriend recently broke up with me. He and I still love each other and care about each other very much, but he wanted to be free for a while and not have to answer to anyone. I think it's a coming-of-age thing (he'll be 18 and graduating soon...) I think that because his parents keep a pretty tight leash on him, he thought that he would get it this way.

I don't think we're done. We had been together for a year, and I don't feel like it should have ended that way. We are still friends, but it doesn't feel natural to me. He's my first love, so I guess that's pretty normal.

My plan is to tell him how I feel when he starts feeling lonely again. Not too soon, so I don't ruin our friendship, and not too late, so it's not too far out of his mind. He'll be graduating in 7 weeks, and after that, we'll probably drift apart if we stay "just friends."

My ex told me that he still loved me and cared about me a lot, but what we had was going bad. I'm not totally sure what went wrong. He said that it was nothing I did, but that he is a kind of a loser and needs to figure out what he is going to do after he graduates.

A mutual close friend of ours is going to help me out. He said that my ex doesn't want to date around or anything, and he said that he'll tell me if my ex says anything pertaining to me.

How long does it take most guys to feel lonely or bored with being single? Any tips on getting him to miss me?


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  • He will not miss you.


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