Does he want to get back together? Or is he just bored/lonely?

Recently we met up after not seeing each other for a while. Well we ended up sleeping together the two times we met. I text him saying that it feels wrong, like we're using each other, but I'm not because I do care about him. He said that he knows what I mean.

Last night he messaged me saying it might be nice to do something on Sunday if I want to - and calling me miss __ like he used to.

But still, what are we? He does't want me to move on but how do I know he cares. He still cuddles me and brings up memories, but we don't say much about our feelings.

He actually got teary when I said some story about a guy at work I don't fancy, he was just in the story. He turned away and said he was fine. It was weird. On the other hand, he isn't open with his feelings & could be messing me around.


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  • he doesn't want to commit either


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