Should I completely stop talking to my ex boyfriend?

Last night, I decided that I don't want to talk to my ex boyfriend for a while, because he won't say anything except one word. except occasionally, he'd say more. but I just can't do it anymore. I deleted his contact and unfriended him on Facebook, but told him that he can still contact me if he chooses to


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  • I'm similarly going through the same thing. What I've realized is that anyone who actually cares about you, is going to talk to you and engage you in conversation. Maybe your ex cared at one point, but he doesn't right now. Take it from someone who has probably become the annoying exgirlfriend: just stop texting him. If he wants to talk to you, he will. And at that time you can decide if you want any communication with him. But he sounds like an asshole, so I'd just leave it in the past. Find someone who is as caring as you are.

    • What's so annoying about you?

    • @Daynada I think that my texting him and trying to maintain a friendship with my ex is annoying to him, or seemingly annoying to him, because he barely replies. He seems to have moved on entirely or else I'd think he would actually engage me in conversation.

    • Is that so?

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  • If you don't enjoy interacting with him then that makes sense.

    • the thing is, I like (d) talking to him, but he doesn't really seem to like talking to me anymore

    • I see what you mean. You would like to talk to him but he's grumpy with you. Your intuition to not talk to him is probably best.

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  • Well, yeah. I mean, who wants to talk to someone that is mute to them?


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