Would you forgive a best friend who went out with your boyfriend?

We were broken up at the time but she went out with him for while. We got back together and were together for a year. She always goes on about girls not going out with their friend's ex and stuff and loves taking the moral high ground. But she was with guys who had girlfriends and doesn't take responsibility for anything...
I thought i had forgiven her but she brought it up again saying that she and me are connected through this and the fact that she got with him means maybe me and him weren't good for each other.
I don't know if I can forgive her because she always wants to take the moral high ground and won't admit she may have done something wrong. She is one of my oldest friends but I'm struggling to get over this because my boyfriend and I broke up and we were properly in love and she was part of the reason we broke up by a massive falling out.

Am i over reacting and should i get over it or should i forgive her


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  • No, you are not over reacting and yes you should get it over with. As far as forgiveness is concerned, it is also a choice so it's up to you if you want to forgive her or not.


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  • I would forgive her but distent myself because I true friend wouldn't date her friend's ex or crush. She's also a hypocrate for complaining about girls who take other girls exs but does the same. I would advise you to forgive her because that will benifit you emotionally but just keep her as someone you say hi and bye too. Don't keep her as a close friend.


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  • The thing you need to do most is learn you never take an ex back. That was stupid


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