Girls, What to do if my ex girlfriend does this?

We were friends at first because i didn't want to have a relationship and I was rude to her but she kept trying , after i stopped texting her i realized that she is the type of girl I need so i texted her and a few weeks later we become a cople. We were together for 6months (knowing each other for 2yrs) and I was very nice to her and cared much for her feelings and wasn't rude... But then she told me that she lost feelings for me a month ago (which i realised but didn't know what to do). Now2 weeks have passed and I am thinking about ask her out and tell her that i know what was the problem for losing her feelings (she has fallen in love with a bad boy and got a nice guy in the relationship instead). I will try to convice her that this was the problem and that I can change. But now i lost feelings for her but that was what turned her on in some strange way... I want to make it happen but i am unsure what her reaction will look like. PLEASE HELP , sorry for my English :)0
She texted me 2 days ago because she heard a gossip that I broke up with her and that she was rude to me... she was furious and told me that the girls have a crush on me , that is the reason why they say something like that... That shows me only that she still cares... And she keeps seeing my instagram and snap story.


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