Flowers for a a girl who left but still talks to me?

So me and this girl got in a huge fight and she moved out of my house about 2 weeks ago. She's said she wanted to maybe try again but hasn't made any attempt. but I've been trying everything like asking to hangout and asking to see her but she doesn't say no but kinda skips the question I don't know and was wondering if maybe getting her flowers and writing a sorry note and telling her how I feel on it would that work? or would you suggest something different cause I'm out of ideas.


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  • If you do be careful which flowers and which colours, they all mean different things.

    • What're the best for saying I love you?

    • Probably red roses, red is the colour of passion. Look it up or ask the florist when you order them.

  • Flowers and a note it's a nice touch, it could work


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