Get Anxiety when seeing ex?

I get anxiety when I see my ex...

My heart beats fast, my brain panics, I have like an attack or something...

I was on Facebook, and saw that she liked a picture of a mutual friend and for some reason I had an attack...

It really sucks...

Is there a way to avoid them?

I have unresolved issues for her, but she doesn't want to talk and just wants to ignore everything.


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  • Lie to yourself that she never existed 😉

    • I can't... I loved her...

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    • 😔😔😔 what am I gonna do with you...

    • What are you going to do? :)

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  • dude that the same thing happened me!!!
    you just dont want to see anything of her.
    just love yourself try to focus on yourself.
    In time, you won't feel anxiety not completely but bearable.
    right now you dont want see a thing about her trust me.


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