What to do about my EX girlfriend?

so me and my ex girlfriend broke up a year ago and she dated someone else for about 8 months it hurt me a lot but there was nothing to do about the situation i accepted it for what it was. throughout her relationship with him she would every now and then contact me to the point where she broke it off with him and we spoke about dating again. before i go any further i should let you know that im stupid for taking her back she has cheated on me before and she even broke up with me for that guy she dated but i was with her for 4 years and i still loved her and she said things would be different this time she was willing to change so we took things slow and eventually started dating again. About 3 months went by and we had a couple of arguements but nothing serious nothing to make you think is this the wrong thing to do or should we call it off nothing like that... up until a couple of days ago where she went to a party. the next day she added this guy that was at the party of fb i usually wouldn't take any notice of who she's adds or anything but this just gave me a weird feeling so i decided to speak about she said not to worry there's nothing in it at all but i wasn't convinced a couple of days went by and she just seemed different acting weird. bout 2 days ago she rings me and saids she's going to hang with a girlfriend from work she will only be an hour or so and she will call me afterwards i said no worries. well i never heard from her the whole night called her a couple of time and messaged her and got nothing back this is the exact same thing she did to me when she fucked me off for the first guy. so i then find out the next day after laying in bed stressed and confused on why this is happening to me again we spoke about where she was and she said that
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CONTINUES ON BECAUSE WAS TO LONG... she stayed at the friends house with 2 other guys she won't tell who but im pretty sure its the guy at the party she's an awful lier and i know when she lies she then goes on to say she can't do this anymore for bullshit reasons and i said its over aswel i've blocked her on everything and we haven't spoken since. now im not asking what i should do to make us work or anything i just want advice on how to move on this girl has put me through so much hell
What to do about my EX girlfriend?
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