Would it be a bad idea to contact his brother for help if he is ignoring me?

I know I should take the hint but we dated 3 years ago and we have a long history, we started friends with benefits a couple of months ago and we both ended up catching feelings and he really sounded like he wanted more. We spoke around it three days ago though and he told me he likes me a lot and he's not sure what he wants because he doesn't want it to end like last time. It sounded like he wanted it to end so I was like I guess this is it then? And he said "just like that? Fine whatever" and he's not even reading my texts, ignoring my calls, I've kept trying and I know I should quit but I just saw no reason why he's cut me off this way, and after all these years it would be nice to keep him in my life as I truly enjoy having him there. Would it be strange to message his younger brother (he added me on Facebook this week) and just ask him if he could tell his brother to read my messages? This is the last thing I could think of doing and I don't want to look crazy but I truly care for him and I don't understand giving up so easily. And if anything I just need closure


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  • You might truly care for him, but if you care about how he thinks of you.. You'd never message his brother to tell him to read your messages. He's choosing not to respond, that's his choice... There's nothing you can do and he's certainly not going to change his mind because you asked his brother to tell him to read them, that will just turn him away even further. Back off and give him time, he might get over it and hit you up in the future, but right now he clearly wants to be left alone and you've got to respect that.

    • I don't think he's ever going to bother again 😔 This happened years ago and he cut me off and got with somebody else. It's just so frustrating to never get closure

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  • Yeah it would be.


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