Why do women move on so quickly?

My ex and I were trying to work thing out or at least I thought. I find out from the guy she decided to start dating she had moved on. This is a guy she did not have a positive opinion about before hand. Is she trying to hurt me? We were in love how could she just replace me like that?


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  • The general rule is that women hurt more, men hurt (much) longer.
    Because of a design error we don't gt rid of all of those emotions. Women are much better in this than men are.

    When we are lovesick we much like a drug addict that doesn't have his drug anymore. So in order to get over this you have to start doing the same things a drug addict would do to lose his drug addiction.

    Also remember is that she wants to keep you in this state. Which does not mean she wants you back. So be determined to get out of this.

    • I have experience with both. Yes it feels very much like withdraw.

  • Girls are ruthless. It's tough for them to actually feel true emotions that will last, and they are impossible to trust

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    • @IvoirianGirl20 I agree with you. I know she tried to make it work and hung on for a while but damn I mean this guy is a true douche and nothing like me.

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