Why would he hurt me like this?

He knew I wasn't over him. A year and a half after we broke up, we caught up and each time we were together he told me he loved me. Then apologized through a facebook message for what he put me through these past few weeks and said we shouldn't continue. Now I am even more heartbroken than the initial breakup.

What kind of twisted mind game is that? Why would someone say those words... those words that I took to be the truth... if there was no real intention behind them to get back together?


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  • Girl listen, it's time for you to bring your A game, which includes you trying your best to get over him, not to show him that your over him, but for yourself.

    He feels guilty of what he did, that's the reason he came back, till his old habits kicked in.

    You can't wait for someone whose garbage like this, it's time for you to reach him a lesson for life, which is you NEVER being together with him again, lead a happy life (which of course would require effort from your end), be with the person who isn't all wishy washy like him.

    In a couple of years he would realize the mistake he has done and it would come ten fold to haunt him, by the time this happens he would be the last thing on your mind.

    Time to pick yourself up, dust off that dirt and start moving forward, don't waste any more time on this, it's time to take over the driving seat and drive yourself to success.

    The choice of course is yours on what you want to do.


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  • he is a male!!! they love a woman according to their sex drive. the more turned on a man is the more likely he is to tell you he loves you. thats a pathetic attempt to get what they want and/or avoid blue balls. he must have came back around when he couldnt find anything else available and kept you on the back burner. if he was genuinely sorry then he would have manned up and talked to you in person for the things he has done. to avoid it happening again, dont make yourself physically or emotionally available to a man ever again. and remember that love is not told its shown


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  • You keep asking this question like you want someone to say that he actually does care about you. You need to accept that you got a raw deal and move on from him

    • I know... I keep asking because I need some sort of explanation why someone would do this, because I know I'll never get that closure from him.

    • It's because he's a dick with no morals.

  • He isn't mature and thinks that he can do whatever he wants


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