Ex asks for a favor? To help or not to help him?

My ex boyfriend asks me to help him to go get his car- which is being repaired- next week, by picking him up from nearest train station after work and dropping him off. So I agree, but then he proceeds to look me up on facebook/instagram and accuse me of communicating with a bunch of different guys; he said I wasn't a lady, implying I was hoe. (I had about an even amount of male and female friends, but I cut off communication almost altogether with the males because it made him uncomfortable. Now my closest friends are all female.) Then he proceeds to tell me he thinks I lied about my sexual history, when I didn't. And he accused me of being unfaithful while we were together- I wasn't. I tell him I'm sick of the accusations and to find someone else to help him get his car, or to get a taxi. Then he proceeds to say "Are we having sex or what?" which completely pissed me off. Of course, I say no, and he says if we're not having sex no reason for us to communicate. I feel like I'm missing something. He came to me asking for a favor, insulting me, accusing me of being promiscuous, and then asks for sex? We have not communicated since then- a few days ago; a part of me wonders if he has made it to his car okay, and the other is happy not communicating at all. What would you do?
Ex asks for a favor? To help or not to help him?
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