Ex asks for a favor? To help or not to help him?

My ex boyfriend asks me to help him to go get his car- which is being repaired- next week, by picking him up from nearest train station after work and dropping him off. So I agree, but then he proceeds to look me up on facebook/instagram and accuse me of communicating with a bunch of different guys; he said I wasn't a lady, implying I was hoe. (I had about an even amount of male and female friends, but I cut off communication almost altogether with the males because it made him uncomfortable. Now my closest friends are all female.) Then he proceeds to tell me he thinks I lied about my sexual history, when I didn't. And he accused me of being unfaithful while we were together- I wasn't. I tell him I'm sick of the accusations and to find someone else to help him get his car, or to get a taxi. Then he proceeds to say "Are we having sex or what?" which completely pissed me off. Of course, I say no, and he says if we're not having sex no reason for us to communicate. I feel like I'm missing something. He came to me asking for a favor, insulting me, accusing me of being promiscuous, and then asks for sex? We have not communicated since then- a few days ago; a part of me wonders if he has made it to his car okay, and the other is happy not communicating at all. What would you do?


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  • Wow deep stuff. Don't help him anymore specially since he is being an immature jerk. He only wants to use you. Don't fall for that. He can call someone else for help. He is not a baby and he'll ok getting to his car and about sex that's why he has Sally and Jenny aka left and right hand. Respect yourself before considering helping a jerk like that. Your not missing anything he is. Don't worry about him he it's not your responsibility and he is big boy. I'd cut him off and person like that isn't worth losing sleep over. Stay strong.


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  • Block him and forget him. Move on.


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