At what point do you retract the statement and move on?

: If you tell a girl / boy you have had really strong feelings for her / him for a few years & she / he just stares at you & maybe looks irritated or indifferent - how long before you take it back & throw it away?

min. hours. days. weeks. months. years.

-Do you even expect them to say anything? Or are you just 'sharing'


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  • I think if you tell somebody like that then you're generally telling the person because you're expecting some kind of a response. Either a return of the same, or possibly some kind of discussion about it. At bare minimum an apology and an "I don't feel the same way". Blank stares are kinda cold.

    How long before somebody retracts the statement? Depends on the person. If I said it, It'd be because I meant it, and therefore I wouldn't retract, unless I got over that girl. Other guys are more fickle or petty. It really depends on the person though.

    • Good point.

      I was wondering- this guy said that, & then he kept saying he wanted to tell me that before, I guess expecting me speak, & I not say anything.

      So then about 15 min later ,he is still talking about all the ways that he was trying to talk to me,why he could not earlier or how I was hard to talk to, &then says suddenly out of nowhere

      " He would have hung out 2 months ago--but did not want me to get wrong Idea"

      (We have been hanging EVERY DAY since 2 months since-3 weeks b4not much)

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    • Well I guess I was talking not writing which is very different... I do not see the grammar mistakes but guess if you see them you see them.

      The basic point is that I want to be friends with him. If I talk about this it could make things really tense.

      I really just want to get an idea of why this KIND of thing would happen.

      He flipped I like 30 min exactly what he was saying from one end to the other which makes me suspicious.

      I can understand someone not having time- was not asking for that

    • But anyways if he said he did not like me or something & yet he said he never lost feelings well it does not make sense & I do not trust it.

      It may be more that this is confusing then the actual typing or grammar - sorry.

      It is still confusing for me to write & I live it.

      I just do not want t raise but I want to know why he brought up a totally useless piece of the past, a negative one at that AFTER he told me he had feelings for me that is all & I do not know how I am going to deal with it.

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