Should I be honest with my new girlfriend about a feeling am missing with her?

I been told am not likely to find this feeling agin bu a much older friend and that she knowns man who spent their whloe life loooking for this n failed. I dont wanna bring this up to my new girlfriend and make her feeling like i dont love her becuase thats not even 1% true.. my new girlfriend is the reason am smile she help me get over a lot of shit just as a friend by spending time with me. But their this feeling i use to get with my ex girlfriend that i would love to have with my new girlfriend if possible. with my ex girlfriend she could light my skin on fire with a kiss or even a simple touch.. which is something i dont feel with the new girl. i meani smile so fucking much with My new girlfriend when we kiss am very happy with her but a hug is just a hug and when we touch i dont get the feeling my ex give me with her not even close. shouldi give up on finding this feeling agin? should i talk to my girlfriend agin n try work this out with her? I Been doing eveything i did with my ex with my new girlfriend ir wanted to do with the ex. Am over theex wouldntleave the new girl for the ex


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  • Sounds like your in a rebound and it's doomed to fail. Your best just breaking up before her heart gets broken


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