He cutt off contact via text and now wants to talk on the phone. Should I even talk to him?

Hey everyone,

I went out with this guy for a year, but we were only casually seeing each other. After a year of not seeing each other, but always remaining in contact via ext/call, we started to see each other again a couple of months ago. Last week I wanted to see him to talk about our situation (I wanted to stop the causal thing, as it was not working for me anymore since i started to see more in him and would have liked more from him. But I still wanted to remain friends, as I knew he wouldn't reciprocate the feelings). When I asked him whether we could see each other he responded that it's better not to see each other, that he started dating someone and that it would be pointless to talk. Needless to say, and replied with two rather mad messages to which he didn't answer. Only after my third message a few days later, and for me final one (as I didn't expect a response anymore), he tried to call immediately (but I didn't answer) and then wrote me apologizing for how he reacted and that he wants to talk on the phone. I only answered that I'd like to talk but that at the moment I won't be able to handle the conversation. He seemed to understand it and replied that when I am ready, we will talk.

I have been thinking about this a lot these last few days and I don't know what to do. I wanted to talk to him and I really needed to talk to him, but now after all what happened and seeing how he behaved (if I hadn't had said anything, my impression is for him it would have been ok to leave things like this) I really don't know what to do. A part of me is considering not to talk on the phone. Any input?


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  • if you're not comfortable talking on the phone, drop him


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  • I personally would drop him, mainly because he started dating someone else but if you think he was worth another shot, go for it.


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