Texting with the ex girlfriend, good or bad?

We broke up 3 weeks ago , she said that she lost feelings for me , I wasn't furious or sad because i saw that coming and prepared for the brakeup. So i texted her yesterday just to make sure that she is 100% sure about her decision , I asked her to stay friends because i know that its hard for her and for me (and for everyone) to lose a best friend by braking up. She told me honestly that she wouldn't like to stay in a friendship but that she will say hello when she sees me. I know that i should move on but I miss her as a friend and I know that she doesn't want a friendship because it would be weird , BUT she keeps textong me after we end a topic (we are not talking about our relatioship, just about things like every other friends) . Should i help her to not text me , or to help her to text me more. PLEASE HELP , thanks :)
Texting with the ex girlfriend, good or bad?
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