How to handle an ex boyfriend and his friends that won't leave me alone?

cops don't do shit, him and his friends act like fucking babies trying to instigate things and provoke me. I haven't talked to him since March and when I confronted him through texts he didn't respond. I decided to confront him through text Bc he told me during our relationship and after it that I basically had to contend with it and we weren't allowed to talk about the past. His friends post things on Facebook directed toward me and I'm thinking about reporting him and his friends criminal and drug activity to the cops again. I'm sick and tired of my ex making me out to be the crazy one when they antagonize me and hack my phone and use the spell checker to type out insults to piss me off. This dude is into weird government conspiracies and computer programs and ancient aliens crap and he tries to scare me into thinking the NSA is stalking me when it's just him and his stupid friends. He needs to leave me alone and he needs to fucking get off my iCloud stop fucking around with radio waves and posting stupid shit on Instagram to try and terrorize me. What do I do? I'm afraid his friends think we should get back together Bc I don't want to. I don't want to be with someone who has physically, emotionally and sexually abused me and used me financially and sexually. And I don't want to be around him and his friends. I removed myself from him and his bullshit so I don't know what else to do.
He basically makes me out to be the crazy one. He uses white noise programs through a computer to screw with me and he uses iPhone programs with a backdoor to hack my iMac and iPhone so he can track me through gps and texts and any website accounts I post to and email accounts. He's a stalker to the max but when I go to the cops they don't help.


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  • Ok, this is going to be hard, but you block him on facebook and any other app you use. You may even have to suspend or close your accounts to cut him off. Since he is computer savvy you might have to close your accounts and start over. Get a new phone and new number. Only add people you trust. Check your local laws regarding harassment as I honestly believe what he is doing is legally considered harassment and the police should be doing something about it. Also check your local women shelter and support centers because this is the stuff they specialize in and may be able to help further and direct you to the proper legal action to take. Good luck!


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  • Can't you get a no-contact order? That's what a friend of mine did with his ex

    • Even if I did he'd violate it. A no contact order won't stop someone from hacking your phone or emails that's just a piece of paper.

    • But when he does you can get him arrested

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