Can't get over my ex 8*(?

I suffer from anxiety aswell as panic disorders and ptsd. I constantly dream about my ex and all the hurt we've both bremember through. He almost committed suicide over me leaving him. I have nightmares about it. 8*(
He's the only one I really loved. I've never loved anyone so much, but I had to leave him because he was verbally abusive and at times, physically abusive. Some people would wonder why I loved him so much, but I did. You love who u love, you can't help it. I can't ever seem to get him out of my head. It's been 4 years since our breakup and he still messages me through an old facebook i dont use anymore. We have a child together. We were together for 12 years. Why can't I let go of him? It's tearing me apart. I have a new boyfriend I've been with for 2 and a half years who is great to me. I still just feel like my heart could never love so deeply again. I constantly get flashbacks of him, mostly bad things about our breakup, but some good tHong too. It may sound weird but, I know he loved me and still loves me because he still tries to get me back to this day. I've never seen someone hurt so bad 8*( ... If anyone has any suggestions to help me somehow get over this, that would be greatly appreciated 8*( ty


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  • He doesn't love you. He wants you back as a controlling thing.

    • Other people have told me this too however, why would he waste his time with me of I don't talk to him, respond to messages or take phone calls aND have cut off all ties for over a year. Doesn't make sense. :(

    • Because he's got a grudge. He's a stalker

  • You had his child?


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