How can you just lie to someone's face like this?

Sort of got back together with my ex after a year and a half. We had both been single for the whole time, and I was miserable missing him. We saw each other four times and he told me he loved me every single time.

Then he messaged me saying we shouldn't continue, that he doesn't want to hurt me again.

Now I'm back in misery, wondering if this is some kind of mind game, if he does still love me, or if this is possible to lie to someone's face like that FIVE TIMES in TWO WEEKS... someone he knows is so not over him. What's your opinion?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, it's possible to lie on someone's face like this. I mean some people are very good at lying that way.

    However yes this seems like some sort of mindgame.


What Girls Said 1

  • Insert 50 angry emoji faces here.

    Best case scenario he's just afraid of hurting you like he loves you so much that he's worried he'd screw something up and hurt you.

    Or maybe he just wanted to see if you actually still liked him to try and boost his confidence or something?

    My ex broke up with me once then we got back together and broke up again and he told me that he never loved me like I loved him and he was trying hard to love me too but just couldn't. He pretty much made me fall more and more in love with him just too see if he could love me which sucked a lot.

    My advice is talk to him about it see if he's really concerned about hurting you or if he's afraid to get into a relationship again or maybe he realized and remember why it ended and doesn't want to go through it again. Figure out why he's saying that then go from there.

    From my past with my ex doing that it was because he had no interest in being with me like he thought he did but after seeing me and talking he realized it wasn't something he wanted again. Which hurt a ton.


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