Would you do this to a girl who loved you?

So let's say you have an ex girlfriend and haven't talked to her for a year and a half.

Then you get back together for a few weeks.

Would you tell her you love her, *five different times* in those three weeks, and then take it all back overnight by sending her a facebook message that says you don't want to hurt her again and that you don't think this should continue?


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  • Usually this behavior pattern has signs to it. Was he an unfaithful kind of guy, or afraid of commitment?

    I'm guesssing sex was had multiple times during those three weeks, and then he went back to his old ways?

    • He kissed another girl four months into our relationship, but I forgave him because he was honest about his mistake, promised it would never happen again. He did go back to his old ways which really confused me... said he didn't know what had happened in our previous time together, and didn't know what was happening now, then I got that devastating message saying we shouldn't continue... it's like he changed his mind overnight I don't get it.

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  • Did you guys have sex at all in those 3 weeks?

    • Everything except actual sex... which of course brought up way more feelings for him than if we had just talked/watched movies together... it's like I've lost him all. over. again. this is so difficult.

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  • I can understand this happening if the relationship has been unstable for a long time. There's a desperate need to continue contact, but upon reflection, this person realized it wasn't a wise decision to try again.

    I'd never send such a message by Facebook. That message needs to be delivered in person!

    • Thank you... my point exactly. It was horrendous getting that message when I got home from work and then I cried myself to sleep. I guess I would have been just as heartbroken if he'd told me in person, but something about seeing your loved one sent you a message on your phone, clicking on it in hopes of something sweet and then finding out they want to crush your heart and soul AGAIN? It's just the wrong way to tell someone.

    • Good riddance to someone who be that insensitive! Hopeful that will be a consolation!

  • If I broke up with someone, I would never go back with them.

  • I don't believe in love it's fake. Love doesn't exist


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