My ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago but still has his relationship status at as in a relationship with me. Why?

Why would my ex still have us set as being in a relationship 3 weeks after he dumped me? He told me he didn't love me and couldn't be with me anymore but wanted to be friends, and he deactivated his facebook account for about a week, but has reactivated it again and I've noticed that it still says we're in a relationship. Why hasn't he changed it?


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  • My first guess would be (as a guy of course) that he had second thoughts about deactivating his facebook account. Never bothered to change his profile because it never occurred to him. Just sayin'

    Just my opinion

    • He was pretty confident after he deactivated his account. Boasting how he didn't need it etc etc. Then today I see that he's activated it again.

      We had a bit of a break a few months into the relationship, his call, and he changed his relationship status within days after he told me it was over. So I just thought he'd be the same this time.

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  • Because he is a guy and hasn't thought of it. Lol
    But what do I know that is just my opinion.

    • I just thought that since he was so keen to make it known to me that the relationship is over, he would have gone that extra step and changed his relationship status too.

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    • I'm on my mobile. There's no option to do that. I'll do it tomorrow on the computer.

    • Lol I'm on mobile too. You just click on my name but tomorrow works too

  • How about you ask him?


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