Chances of getting my ex back?

My girlfriend and I split up about 4 months ago. The break up was basically caused by me drifting away and thinking I was better off alone. She is now dating a younger very good looking man she met at her crossfit gym. We were together 18 months and she moved from Minneapolis to Denver to be with me. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD (2 months after the split) after seeking counseling as to why I made the relationship decisions I had made. She knows I sought help after, but told me that she had moved on and was over me. We shared a fantastic relationship when we were together and my mind wasn't screwing me. She was my best friend and now that I'm medicated I realize she was the one. We still speak due to the fact that we share dog sitting responsibilities for a puppy we got together. Do I have a chance winning her back? She's very loyal when she's in a relationship and I don't think she'll stray from the new man.


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  • Well that last sentence says it all


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  • Well you’ve just learned an extremely valuable lesson. The lesson is that your ego, which at the first sign of trouble will tell you to leave the annoying had, is not your friend. Your ego expresses itself via doubt, fear, anger, frustration, eye rolling, irritability etc, and if listened to, will bring a quick end to relationships no matter how good and long they were.

    Starting now, I suggest you learn to meditate and quiet your mind and recognize when your ego is running the show, and don’t listen to it. Be slow and deliberate in your decisions which happen moment to moment. Be compassionate and learn to let go of anger and doubt.

    The desire to get her back? That’s your ego too. Your ego, having lost on matter of pride, wants to win her back again. The same ego that told you to get rid of her a little while ago! Don’t listen to it. Learn to quiet your mind. Don’t pay attention to her, she is, odd as it sounds, not that relevant to your happiness. Your mind, however, is.

    Does that make sense?


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