Is she. Cheating on me?

i was with her for 5 years, she didn't get along with my family and that fact my family memberl lives with her in apartment. i was supposed to move in also, but then last week before i moved she started acting all strange. our relationship wasn't going great at this point and and she said she is really under a lot of stress because of situation. she started taking long long walks when it was already dark outside, 2 hours long walks. she was sad when we talked on phone and (i was in another state durung all this time) said she can't take it anymore. then the day befire i was supposed to move in i foorced her to tell me why is she so sad and i kinda knew she wants to break up but still i hoped it won't come to it and we can still work things out. as i came to her place the next night (long long drive) the bed was empty. next morning she came and said co workerin asked her to come over to her and drink a bit.. ok, but when i asked how that took whole night she said she and her male platonic friend went to this friends house and talked about our problemsall night. i meet this guy and she texted him with innocent msges for months so i didn't think much about it. then i asked her where she slept she anwsered he offered her a bed at his place in another room after she told him she feels incomfortable being in bed when i come. then he proceeded to offer a place to stay if she needs ti during our breakup. now i would fight for her but if she cheated on me that is a no go. i dont trust her anymore since i cought her chatting some random stuff to some guy, who was hitting on her and she player him for attention. i confronted her about this sleepover and she was upset when i said i dont trust her and that anything could have heapened with only 2 of them and how i felt about it. now we sleep in separate rooms and dont talk that much but she saYS she loves me and that i deserve to be happy and it can't work out coz of my family, but that she will always love me. think she inocent?

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  • No, doesn't sound like she's cheating on you


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