Is this an evil mind game?

My ex boyfriend knows that I've never stopped loving him since we broke up a year and a half ago. We left it with him saying "I think you love me more than I love you".

Then we got back together for three weeks and he told me five different times that he loved me. He said the words. He made me believe him. He made me feel like we really were getting back together.

Then he breaks my heart again by writing me a facebook message that says he doesn't think we should continue, that he doesn't want to hurt me again, and that he doesn't think he'll stay faithful if we continue.

Is there any chance this is just an evil mind game and he's wanting me to fight for us?

Or did he just lie to my face? I need answers, I'm really not doing well since I got that message, it feels like I handed him all the pieces of my broken heart and he threw them off a bridge.
Is this an evil mind game?
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