Why does my ex girlfriend look away from me?

My ex and I went through a lot. I helped her out and was there for her while she had a dying parent. We were both there for each other and loved each other so very much. I made a stupid mistake by taking these anti-anxiety pills that i found in a room my sibling use to live in. I found a lot of them. Those pills changed me a lot. In a negative way. I wasn't behaving like my normal nice self. And I didn't realize how much I was changing. So we broke up. I didn't tell her about my drug addiction 9 months after we broke up. I was always too scared to tell her. We were on good terms after we broke up. And we were still on good terms after I told her about my drug addiction. She has a boyfriend now. And she never looks at me. Ever. I still love her a lot. And care bout her so much. I want us to be friends. Why does she not look at me or smile at me like she use to?


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  • She's probably hurt. It's hard to look at someone who has caused you pain. I'm sure it must have been hard for her to watch you change and not know why or understand.

    I'm glad that you seem to have worked on your drug problem. I hope you are getting the help you need for it.

    The only thing you can do is try to repair the damage that's been done. Apologize to her and try to let her know why you were the way you were. Communicating this to her will help her to understand.

    • Thank you for the advice. But I feel like I've done more than everything to prove to her I'm not what those pills made me. I've apologized for what I did so many times. More times than ever. I don't think words can win her back :/ or become friends again

    • I have told her about my drug addiction. But I didn't tell her 9 months after we broke up. I don't think I was specific on that part. My bad

    • I think time is the only thing that can heal. Hopefully she reaches out to you. Maybe it's just too soon for her and she is still dealing with the after effects of everything.

      Thanks for MHO! :)

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  • She has a boyfriend and dosent think of you the same way she she used to. After you got addicted to drugs, her views on you changed.

    • Thank you for ur opinion. A little tough to hear but thank you

    • Yeah, girls views change on guys quick as hell. Trust me. Sorry man...

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