What are some encouragement quotes that could help me?

I'm starting to feel really bad about everything and need some words of encouragement to keep me strong. my sadness has gotten to the point where I am ready to call my ex lover and shout " did you really just leave me for another woman?" it also gotten to the point where I'm ready to go on white pages and search.


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  • You're beautiful, smart and can get a guy without trying! Do what you love and other people will be inspired by you!! <3


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  • I was there, yeah, even as a guy, almost feeling what you describe, but after a few weeks, you meet someone new, someone that is more like what you really want, that is more like you than the last one, and you tell yourself that you were STUPID, believing that the last one was the ONLY, the one you couldn't live without!! But the NEW person makes you feel AMAZING and everything is WONDERFUL!!
    If you are 'NORMAL' you will go through at least a dozen, like that, before finding the one that you REALLY want to be with!!
    Don't get so hung up!! Just love the time you share, and enjoy the experiences, as they will help you become the one that you need to be, to know when you meet the REAL ONE!!
    Not saying don't make an effort, in every relationship, but just don't get down on yourself when it doesn't work out!! Odds, Statistics say you will have many, before finding the right one!! Enjoy those, and learn things about yourself, how you feel, what you like, so when you meet the REAL ONE, you can know, and be ready!!
    Lot's of guys, your age are total D-bags, and just want a fck on on weekend!! Don't just fall for him because of how hot he is, or how he dresses!!
    Real guys, like the ones that you want to marry, and be with, have a family with, are not the ones you are likely to find in bars, clubs, or on Craig's list, or even some dating service!
    They are ones you just happen to meet, here or there! The guy that is tall, at the grocery store, and gets that can or whatever, for you, then you just chat. . .
    The guy that just causally meets you, when you collide coming in/out of an elevator! Maybe it is raining, and he sees you on the side of the road with a flat, and he stops to help!
    GREAT GUYS are everywhere, so stay away from the players, and the gamers, that just want to have a 'quickie' and leave you!! :)

  • It's always darkest, jut before dawn. So it will be dawn for you very soon!

  • My own survival mantra is from the Show Firefly
    Mal: We're still flying.
    Simon: That's not much.
    Mal: It's enough.


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  • Take that ex as a lesson and move on

  • "People are in your life to teach about yourself". "If it didn't work out the way you wanted it was an experience"


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