Why has my ex wife been a trainwreck in progress since divorce?

We were together 8 years, married 5. She left me. I am 30 and she is 28. She was a virgin before me. She took sex very seriously. Dated before, but never slept with anyone. And it took awhile for her to be ready for sex with me, which was perfectly fine. She was very in love with me the entire 8 years. She would always tell people how I was the best thing that ever happened to her etc. Our family's and friends always said we were the perfect couple. Anyways she left me saying she had become unhappy, which she seemed happy and fine up until the end. Even planning a vacation for us a week before she left. Still wanting sex the same amount as always right to the end. No red flags. It was a complete shock for everyone that knew us. She wouldn't try marriage counselling etc. When she left she started sleeping around a lot. She admitted it to me. Even having a friends with benift thing with a friend of ours. She told him from the beginning that she had no intention in dating him, just sleeping with. This coming from the person who said she could never sleep around or have a one night stand, that it was disgusting and she didn't know how people could do that. She slept around with multiple guys around the same time. She started drinking all the time. And she's a teacher!!! And smoking, which she never had. She bought an expensive sports car. Went on several vacations by herself. It was a complete 180. All her morals out the window. And now she is pregnant from sleeping around! She was such a level headed person.. I just want to know how someone can just completely change like that. She has literally become a completely different person. It is sad to see someone who you cared about so much, and that was so responsible, respectable, and smart go down this road. Also, when that kind of thing happens, isn't it usually the person who was left that does that? Because I didn't start sleeping around and making poor decisions. I'm still the same and didn't ever act out of character
Why has my ex wife been a trainwreck in progress since divorce?
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