Heartbroken because I'm scared my relationship is falling apart?

I'm crying as I type this, it feels like my heart is being ripped out of me.
My boyfriend took my virgintity, and he has always said he loves me. But I question this because he doesn't put any effort in. I spoke to him last night about how I don't feel like I'm seen as important in his life and it feels like he doesn't love me or care about our relationship. He barely speaks to me when we're not together and I don't want to initiate it because I worry he doesn't want to be bothered and when I have done before he still doesn't respond or if he does he doesn't for a long time. He also never takes me out and does nice things with me which is what I'd like to do now and then, he just said this is the way he's always been and he doesn't like going out he'd rather chill at home and play games. He said that I used to be interested in playing games with him and he liked that but now he feels like I've changed in that respect because apparently I get annoyed when he's playing them. But that's because I've been craving his attention more and more, I want him to spend time with me :( he also said he doesn't like going out because he doesn't have any money to spend on that, but he finds money to spend on games and other people when need be! But not his own girlfriend?

I don't know how to try and ask him to compromise for me, because he argues with my requests, it's not like I'm asking him to change I just want him to show me love…

I don't want to dump him, because then I won't have anyone to love me, I need someone, I will feel a lot more depressed than I do now if I broke up with him. I just don't know how to resolve these problems! Please help.
Heartbroken because I'm scared my relationship is falling apart?
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