Do I stay or leave?

We've been together for two years and I love him but I don't know if I'm in love with him. I need some outside perspective.
· Reasons to stay

o I love him.

o He might be my soul mate.

o Our values line up.

o Our plans line up.

o He’s been there through everything.

o He loves me.

o I’m scared to leave him.

o If I leave him, I’m afraid I’ll never find love like this again.

o His personality.

· Reasons to leave

o I want more time for myself.

o I need time to grow up.

o I want to meet other people.

o I’m bored with him.

o Everything he does annoys me.

o He’s so immature.

o He is not in tune with his emotions.

o He doesn’t put effort into me.

o What if he isn’t the one?

o I’m afraid to commit.

o The sex is boring.

o I’m less attracted to him than before.

o His mother.

o I have feelings for someone else.

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Do I stay or leave?
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