Help!!! I keep thinking in the back of my head that my ex and I are going to get back together, is that s gut feeling or wishful thinking?


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  • I just got divorced and I'm just like you. Gut feeling.

    • Aww im sorry.
      How do you know?

    • Thanks. we are both learning from this. It was a clean straightforward divorce. We ended on a good note. It feels like this is more like a brake for both of us to focus on our careers and maybe later get back.

    • We agreed to stay friends and to see each other every x amount of time.

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  • It really depends on how you broke up. If it was mutual and no hard feelings there may be hope however it depends if you two are still attracted to each other, love etc. A lot of factors come into play

    • We are still attracted to each other

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  • Depends on how it ended and why. I think it's wishful thinking if you got out of it is because you wanted it over. So you may be questioning yourself rn.

    • No I didn't want it over.
      We still have feelings for each other

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