Grieving the lost of my 3 year relationship harder than ever why all of a sudden?

8 months ago my ex of 3 years left me randomly for another guy. I took about 3 months to myself before even jumping back into the dating world.

i met this beautiful girl who made me forget about my ex until one day this beautiful girl just dumped me :(

im not even grieving the lost of my last relationship im greiving the lost of my 3 year relationship, 8 months later. It sucks fr, I've been NC the whole 8 months it just hit me when I got over the angry part of the last relationship


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  • 3 months wasn't enough to get over your 3 year relationship. The girl after your long term relationship was just a rebound. It wasn't intentional, but it probably didn't work out because you still weren't over your ex. And she felt that.

    I think the best way to resolve this is to just try to let go of your ex. Move on, try working on yourself. Keep yourself busy and just distract yourself.

  • That's usually how it goes 😕 You'll be pissed and then the hurt comes. Usually it takes about half the time you were together to get over it. So you've been with her for 3 years, it will probably take about 1.5 years. I know it sucks, trust me I know. I've been there before. Have you gotten closure from the breakup?

  • I am sorry for what you are going through but what's the question please?


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