Should I visit my ex to talk?

He broke up with me like a month ago because of his work taking up so much time and cause I live half an hour away and how he didn't have much time for me etc, which are easy to work around anyway, but yeah we kept talking afterwards only on snapchat and I asked him one night a couple weeks after we broke up if we could try again and he was basically just saying "don't do this" and stuff like that, I got so upset that I deleted him from Snapchat and decided I didn't want to talk to him again. About a week later he texted me saying "hey, how are you?" And I didn't respond because I didn't want to get attached again, an hour later he texted again saying "ok that's really nice to hear 🙂 I'll let you go then" and again I didn't reply. I felt really good about not replying for a few days but then I started to think about him a lot and how much I miss him and all the fun things we did and just random conversations we had kept popping into my head and I ended up finally texting him back yesterday (10 days after he texted me) saying "yeah great, how are you?" I instantly regretted it and deleted the text and turned my phone off but when turned my phone back on I was happy to see he texted back. He was confused why I only just replied and said "hahahah wtf" and then "that's great hahaha" and then I asked him if he was at work and he said he was and I told him to text me after and he said "or I could just text you now" and so we chatted for a bit about work, school, joked a little but then I said "I gotta go, I'll talk to you later" and he said "ok bye". I'm planning on waiting until he texts me back so I don't look desperate, but I've been thinking a lot about going up to see him on Saturday after he finishes work and surprising him and talking about everything, maybe try giving it another shot if he's into it. So if you were him what would you think if your ex that you haven't seen in like a month and have barely heard from in a couple weeks showed up one night to see you?
Should I visit my ex to talk?
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