How to best act around an ex you loved who you work with?

My ex and I broke up after 11 months together. She dumped me. I really thought I had found the person I was going to spend my future with. It hurts to even see her. Right now we avoid each other as much as possible and barely talk. Should I focus on continued no-contact? Should I try to act like I'm doing fine and I'm over it? What's the best way to treat her?


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  • Just be friendly but superficial with her. Ignoring her shows you haven't moved on.

    It's difficult when you work with her, because you're bound to feel awkward around her , but you don't want to cause an uncomfortable working environment for yourself. So speak if you have to, but don't go out of your way to initiate contact

    • Sometimes I wonder if I want to show to her whether she meant a lot to me and how much this has affected me. Other times I think I should seem like I'm doing great and I don't need her. And other times I wonder why do I even think about this?

    • Thanks for the MHO

    • If she's moved on from you then it'll be falling on "deaf ears" , so she won't value your feelings. You'd end up even more hurt

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  • However works best for your emotions, don't fake it. If you it's best to avoid her and talk to her when necessary then I would do that. After awhile you will find it less awkward and be able to talk. One of the reason why it's risky dating someone at your job.


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