Money the root of all evil? Is this true?

I'm surrounded by money problems issue... Or people who have so much money all I think about is how I don't have enough. I feel so selfish and so ungreatful and I feel like I'm never going to be successful!!! Compared to someone who has nothing I'm doing okay and I should be humble but I'm not in unhappy!!! This all started with my ex he is filthy rich cause of his dad he said I wasn't good enough I have a bad degree and a bad job and he is doing better than me. I just want to run away and feel some peace! I am losing my mind I kind seem to relax Iv lost weight I don't eat!!! I can't focus all I think about is how am I going to make money quickly am I going to make it will I succeeded or will I fail in life. My ex is now dating a really rich girl but she's soooooo ugly looking and has been around. Something that he told me he hated and he controlled me for sooo long cause he was insecure! I doubted myself he was the only person I had been with first boyfriend and sexually now I can't move on and I'm so unhappy!!! I hate my life I hate everything! Pleas someone help me with some advice it's 4am and Iv been up all night just want to cry
Money the root of all evil? Is this true?
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