I want to be friends, and I mean just friends, with colleague's ex girlfriend. Is this bad?

I gave him a heads up, telling him the whole truth and he was ok at first. He is manipulative and he now wants to make me fell bad about it. Is it wrong to want to be friends with someone, if they broke up? I really want to be friends with her because she is cool, but I have no sexual interest.
He has a girlfriend and the girl I am talking about, is an affair


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  • Fuck him and his bs. He is a toxic person so do what you want. You are a good person for asking permission from such a f'd up person anyway. Any time he makes you feel bad remind him he doesn't own people and he has a girlfriend who wouldn't like to know the details of his affairs. That will shut him up

    • he told that he has the power to make the girl I want to be friends with, lose her job. this is why I want to keep my distance, it was the turning point

    • I guess you can do as you wish, tell her to get a job elsewhere as it isn't a stable one and let his girlfriend know. You can rationalise with an irrational person put you can do somethings. As my situation is dealing with a syco the only thing he cares about is his status and money so I'm going for both of them as he is breaking the law on so many levels and ill sue

    • Have I done something wrong?

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  • It's not wrong to be friends with her because of that, but it is wrong to ignore your current friend's wishes... is he a friend, or just a colleague?

    • We had a good relationship, but knowing him better made me make up my mind. I want to keep my distance, I don't feel connected with him.

    • Just wait until he cools off, keep in contact with her but not too close just yet.

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  • Do what you want. He's a colleague. You don't need his permission. He doesn't own her. You're not playing with one of his toys.

    • I was crystal clear with him. Am I on the wrong side here?

    • There's no applicable bro code here, do what you like!

  • That's shady.

    • I told him the whole truth. Why is this shady?

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    • Then tell her the truth. Tell her you really like her friend and would like to get to know her better. Are you able to provide any contact details please? If no, perhaps can we call meet up for coffee and I will try and get them myself. I still don't like this approach. You felt the need to tell him that you wanted to befriend his ex before making contact with her. Why bother? You care about what this colleague thinks because deep down you know what it looks like. You could have just contacted this girl and told her the truth and then said to your colleague, hey, I contacted your ex because I like her friend. I hope its ok. Your reasons still seem shady to me.

    • This is what I did. I told him that she I want to have with her as a friend in order to get closer with her friend

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