Why is She still into her Ex?

My best friend is still sprung over her ex, they dated for a long time and recently broke up. He's dating other girls and she can't get over him. When he gets bored of the other girls and calls her up she goes back running to him, only to get her hopes up & then she realizes that nothing going to change I've told her plenty to just get over him already to block him and delete hI'm from social medias but she insists that that is childish and that they can be just friends, but everything they hang out they end up sleeping together.

Should i just let her do so her and ignore the fact that she's being dumb and only gunna get hurt again? Or what advice should i tell her? She's already seen him with another girl, I've already told her the whole she deserves better & all that but it goes in one ear and out the other? We have this whole "no judgment" rule in our friendship, and I respect it, as long as she doesn't get her feelings hurt again. She's already cried for this kid too many times..


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  • Because she hasn't moved on and doesn't realize he's no good for her.


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  • How long were they together and how long ago did they break up?

    • 3 years, since senior year HS and it's been about 4 months already

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