I feel stupid for sending my ex a nasty facebook message. Have you ever done this?

I was angry for things in my life going bad and I had to message my ex for something that involved him. He replied like it was no big deal and I got angry. So I wrote my ex a nasty message calling him names for making me feel like the breakup was my fault. I even wished him dead. Just wish I didn't say what I said. Anybody ever do this? I can't apoligize now cause he blocked me on facebook. What are your thoughts? I know I was stupid for what I did.
I do have to say that after this mistake I feel relief that the relationship is over. That I'm glad to move on and not have to prove my love for him any more. Its like a release. I would still apologize but it helped me vent.


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  • Well at least you acknowledge that what you did was wrong. So you have that going for you.
    Personally I think I would do no such thing because I'd feel like I'm making myself come off as weak and easy to influence. By being angry at a person, you are giving them power over yourself.

    • Well thank you for saying that but I shouldn't try to apologize?

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    • Not your problem anymore.

    • Ok thanks

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  • Anger is an outward manifestation of hurt or frustration. You felt hurt so you responded out of anger. People often do and say things in the heat of the moment.. Your ex felt hurt by your messages so responded in anger by blocking you

    You've realised you've made a mistake , so all you can do is make sure you never do anything in the heat of the moment when you feel angry and hurt.


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  • You fucked up, and he's one lucky man that he no longer has to deal with your shit.

    • I wouldn't want him back anyway. He was neglectful but i would just want to apoligize for what I said.

  • thank god for the breakup
    and blocking


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